All you need to refine an item is a refinement elixir, and the command /refine (given to everyone by default)

Info before you start Edit

  • ALL weapons can be refined. However shields, quivers, ninja stars, and wiz spells are the ONLY abilities that can be refined.
  • Refinements do NOT stack. (i.e. if you refine an already refined item it will not add to it. Instead it will replace the refinement.)
  • Each consecutive refinement elixir adds +10% more damage. (up to 60% with a +6 Refinement Elixir)
  • Refinement elixirs can be purchased in the shop.
  • CAUTION: elixirs can be used on any item no matter if it is compatible or not. So make sure you enter the correct slot.

How to do it Edit

  • Have a refinement elixir and your desired refineable item in your inventory.
  • Type /refine followed by the slot that your item is in. (I.E. /refine 1 will refine whatever item is in my first inventory slot.)
  • DONE

Extra Edit

Refining does not seem to give any fame bonuses, or base fame.

Refining does work with strange items.