Cyborg is a variable class. That can be used differently for different situations. Edit

Cyborg uses his core (ability) to get interchangeable weapons as the SMG, the Shotgun and the Sniper.

Stat Cap:

ATK:55 DEF:35 SPD:35 DEX:50 VIT:60 WIS:60

SMG - It is a fast firing weapon doing a lot of damage similar to the shotguns in the same tier group. All SMG's have 4.5 range which is comparable to dagger classes and as much range as a Crystal Sword. SMG is good for when you want to be a decent distant away from the enemy but still want to output high damage.

Shotgun - Shot guns are a 3 shot weapon that has 4 range. They have similar damage to SMG's in their tier. These weapons are good for sitting on an enemy similar style to the Blade to get all shots on and do maximum damage.

Sniper - Sniper is a slow shooting high damage projectile shot. It has 9 range and very good at picking of enemies at a fat distance. However you must pre-aim where they are going to be as the projectile is very slow.

The Cyborg Class is a very strong glass it has almost as much defence as a knight and has more attack but its speed is the slowest class in the game and makes it very hard to survive when going deep as you cant retreat fast. Good choice for Cyborg Class is to use a sniper and switch your core to a t0 one so you don't lose your higher tier core. It also makes use of heavy armour which makes it have around same defence as a warrior.